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Our Financial Freedom plans consist of comprehensive analysis and recommendations by our team of professionals. Utilizing the information you provide us, we will create a personal wealth site for you, produce a written report and recommend actions to maximize the possibility of attaining your financial and lifestyle goals.

Our Services

Cash Flow Planning

We create a suitable budget for your lifestyle. If employed, we help transition income into greater wealth. If retired, we help transition assets into reliable income.

Tax Planning

We work with your CPA or have strategic partnerships to not only prepare your taxes but to analyze for tax saving opportunities.

Legacy Planning

Wills, trusts, gifts, charity, and beneficiary planning: We work with your attorney to take care of your estate planning needs and avoid costly mistakes.

Asset Allocation

We will advise you on when to allocate your portfolio to be more defensive or opportunistic. Economies change and investors must be alert.

Investment Management

We access leading equity and macro research and offer our clients carefully designed low-cost portfolios. The objective is either long-term growth to achieve financial freedom or inflation-adjusted income to preserve it.

Enhance your day-to-day “smart money decisions.” Create more cashflow, manage a budget, eliminate debt. Transition income into wealth.

Work with one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™. Design a plan to make work optional one day. Design an income strategy once you have arrived.

Expect regular reviews with your advisory team, receive timely videos and research updates. Stay informed & connected. Have a trusted source to ask questions anytime.

“We regard the responsibility of providing advice and our services as a very important personal relationship with you. It is a relationship that is built on immense trust and involves an ongoing exchange of relevant information and communication. We view this interactive relationship as vital to the overall success and achievement of your financial goals. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and anticipate a long and productive relationship.”
– Gregg Pacitti CFP® President
Ranch Capital Advisors