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When you hire an advisor to help you with your finances, do you consider them to be an “expense” or an “investment?” We teach our clients that expenses should be reduced as they hinder long-term financial performance. Hiring an advisory firm is no different, as some firms can be quite expensive in more ways than one, while others can be of great value. What makes an advisory firm have value? We believe value is created by:
Appropriate Asset Allocation –
There are literally thousands of investment options available to an investor. How does one choose? Should an investor be in all stocks, all bonds, a mix? Determining the appropriate mix of investment securities is extremely important to your success and there is no “one size fits all.” If designed incorrectly, emotions will inevitably be triggered in both up or down markets leading to hasty decisions. This typically does not bode well. Designing the right mix of investments is a process and one that requires “real talk” about you and your relationship with money.
Stock Selection –
We view our recommended holdings as long-term businesses rather than just ticker symbols. We seek cash rich, dividend paying companies for our clients in need of reliable income and growth-oriented companies for our clients still saving for financial freedom. We invest heavily in independent research from various sources we deem reliable and “best in class.” We help provide our clients with quarterly market updates and individual reports on transactions that are made on your behalf. We want you to understand why you own a particular company or why we determined to liquidate a holding of yours. Transparency, research, and leadership are essential traits of successful investment management.
Lower Fees –
Countless studies have proven that low investment costs can increase returns over time. In our managed accounts we offer our bundled services at a very reasonable rate, often much lower than industry average (see our firm ADV). We choose to primarily invest in individual securities or low-cost exchange-traded funds to save our clients from paying additional fees to third-party money managers. Our custodian TD Ameritrade offers most transactions for free and there are no additional annual fees billed to hold an account there. Our financial, tax & estate planning, and cash flow planning services are all bundled in our agreement without increasing your costs.

Every one of us possess our own unique set of strengths, weaknesses, and skills set. We believe that tapping into someone’s greatest strengths produces the best results. Because of this view, Ranch Capital Advisors offers a team approach when working with our clients. Every client is assigned at least one CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, an Investment Officer, and Client Service associate. Our highest net worth relationships that require additional attention will include additional professionals. We also coordinate with attorneys, CPA’s, and insurance specialists. We can work directly with your attorney or CPA or provide you additional options of trusted professionals we have ongoing relationships with. We regularly coordinate and communicate with all members of your team making you, your family, and your goals the focus of our best efforts. We view our own firm as a family and welcome the opportunity to work with yours.