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The Ranch Capital investment committee views the current economy as the “Innovation Economy.” We feel that we are perhaps only halfway through the bull market that began in 2011 driven by favorable trends in demographics, innovation, and monetary policy. We feel that the next decade could prove to be very rewarding for a patient investor allocated properly.

Exponential change means the future will be here faster than we think.

Since WWII technology has increased from 1% of the stock market capitalization to over 25%. It is with high probability that this trend will continue at an even faster pace. Millennials have now taken the prize from the Baby Boomers as the largest demographic ever. They are now entering the workforce, having families, buying houses and influencing the economy. Real estate values should continue to rise based on increased demand coupled with low interest rates.

Technological advancements continue to leap forward with 5G, Artificial Intelligence, and cloud based software producing immense operational efficiencies. Companies who are positioned for tech-driven change will likely increase market share quite significantly over the next decade.

Improvements in biotechnology and health care fueled by supercomputers, gene editing, and big data are causing breakthrough results in medical research and development. The potential markets for new vaccines and medicines to battle disease and chronic conditions are vast.

Corporations are benefiting from the low cost of renewable energy and alternative power sources. Not only are these advances better for our environment, but also saves a significant amount of capital that was once allocated towards fuel and energy.

As an investor seeking long-term growth or growth & income, you have the opportunity to allocate your personal capital into one of our carefully designed, low expense investment models dedicated to the dynamic trends that are unfolding before us.

We believe INNOVATION will continue to boost creative destruction at a significant rate offering an attractive long-term investment opportunity for investors. Ask us how.

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