Abigail Skipper

Financial Advisor & Coach

“I understand feeling overwhelmed when trying to take control and organize your personal financials and do the right thing, but then life happens and derails your best efforts.  I understand what it is like to fear the future unknowns and wonder if you will ever be able to save enough. I have learned that we all have the ability to change our financial position and take control of our money, rather than our money controlling us.  I place all of my clients’ financial puzzle pieces together, offering them custom personal guidance with advice and planning; therefore, eliminating confusion and worry, and ultimately restoring peace of mind, comfort, and understanding while providing them with a clear path to financial success.” – Abigail Skipper


Abby lives in Babson Park, FL with her husband of 20 years and four beautiful daughters.  She is a fierce disability advocate, and serves on multiple boards, advocating for students with disabilities in our state.

Early on in her career, she was a licensed stockbroker. Later, she and her husband started a company, and they ran that business for 18 years. The nearly two decades of entrepreneurship taught her valuable lessons about business, planning, budgeting, and saving, and fueled her passion for helping others. Abby joined the Ranch Capital team after her and her husband’s company was acquired by a national corporation in 2018. This allowed her to once again work in the financial services industry, using the skills and lessons she learned to help others. Not only is she again a Financial Advisor, but also she completed the Ramsey Solutions Master Coaching program to further her knowledge and skills to empower individuals to pay off debt, build wealth, and achieve true financial freedom. In addition to financial advising and planning, through her coaching program, Abby coaches clients on a one-on-one basis to help them make better decisions, change money habits, eliminate waste, and build wealth. She works remotely and has the flexibility to work with clients all over the country to provide the leadership and accountability that most people need to reach their goals.


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