Abigail Skipper

Financial Advisor & Coach

“I understand feeling anxious and overwhelmed with your personal financial situation. I know how frustrating it is when you are trying to do everything right, but life happens and derails your best efforts. I understand fearing the future, wondering if you will ever be able to save enough. You have the ability to change everything and take control of your money. I will help you budget your money, get out of debt, save for your goals, create your safety net, and build wealth.” – Abigail Skipper


Abby recently joined the Ranch Capital team with an emphasis on coaching clients on a one-on- basis to help them make better decisions with their daily money habits. She resides in Lake Wales, Fl with her husband Alan and is a mother of four beautiful daughters. She is a fierce disability advocate giving many hours to her passion of helping others. This passion had led her to complete the Ramsey Solutions Master Certified Coaching program to further her knowledge to empower individuals to pay off debt, build wealth, and achieve financial freedom. She has the flexibility to work within your budget and work remotely with clients all over the country to provide the leadership and accountability needed for most people looking to achieve their financial goals. If you are someone looking to get your finances in order and need help with taking those important financial actions like creating a reasonable budget, paying off debt, setting goals and making work optional one day…then Abby is the Financial Coach you have been looking for.

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